March 14, 2019
March 14, 2019

Social Listening tools assessment

“Your company is great at charging big money for its products” 

How do current social listening tools assess and evaluate the sentiments of this comment by a fan? Positive sentiment, do you see it positive? 

A brand cannot assess its proper positioning online and how its clients perceive it unless a manual intervention supported by our internal tech innovation is done starting with the tools and moving into inspecting the mentions on social platforms and the web one by one manually.

The result is a comprehensive report listing a qualitative, quantitative, and comparative report showing your brand perception versus your competitors. Next steps would be adjusting your communication plan to enhance perception. 

We are glad to announce completing this new breakthrough in digital solutions by launching this service at intouchmena, we have been trying it with a sample of global, regional, and local clients from different market sectors, Quick service restaurants, automotive, banking and financial sectors, and others. The result is a more comprehensive communication plan and a better perception of the brand, cool, isn’t it?

As promised to our clients, intouchmena promise is not only to develop technology and digital communication plans, but to keep developing its services to bring the positive effect of their online presence on the brand itself. 

Well done intouchmena team, keep more coming.

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