April 24, 2019 blog-article-image
April 24, 2019

Security & Privacy in Web & Mobile Apps

The GDPR is officially applied, Google keeps pushing the bar higher with Android security and Facebook faced a tough year with security breaches and hearings. Join our CTO, Mr. Victor Sawma, in a series of seminars to be given..

May 23, 2019 blog-article-image
May 23, 2019

Instagram Tackles Mental Health

The popular social media and photography platform Instagram has announced that they will remove the number of likes that posts get as part of an experiment.

June 3, 2019 blog-article-image
June 3, 2019

An Equation for Success

6X – 7 = 2X+5 6X -2X = 5+7 4X= 12 X= The success of your corporation. Wait what? Don’t panic, we are not here to talk about linear equations or mathematics..