If you’re planning to expand your business into new territories, intouch is the right partner to take your products global!

  • Identifying Goals and KPIs are the foundation blocks for your business strategy.

    For ecommerce, this means strategizing Sales, Marketing, the online Shop, the mobile experience, the Official Social Channels and Media!

    Our team is ready to design the perfect User Journey and help you monitor Touchpoints with Consumers.

  • By automating user flow and journey, mapping your strategies, and performing audience segmentation and targeting, you can achieve more efficient and effective results.

    We will monitor all Touchpoints and manage your Customer Data. We’ll make sure your customers are constantly in touch with your brand, on time, consistently!

    • Marketplace Development
    • Tokens Minting
    • Smart Contract Establishment and Management
    • Owned / Shared Market Place Setup & Operation
    • 2D & 3D modeling
    • Listing / Sales / Resales
    • Auctions Management
    • Virtual Showroom Setup & Operation
    • Digital Store setup
    • Sales Management and Order Fulfillment
    • Brand Communication
    • A+ Products listing and promotions
    • After sales management
    • Reviews, Starring and Scores Management
    • Competitors Benchmarking
    • End to End support for lost shipment research
  • Social Ads

    • Create awareness
    • Meet KPIs, conversion, leads and sales
    • Increase sales with boosting products presence on social channels
    • Activate around products

    Growth Campaigns

    • Media planning
    • Media buying
    • Media optimization

    Search Ads

    • Target interested consumers
    • Increase traffic
    • Generate direct sales
    • Reach easier to mobile users
    • Research ang suggest influencers, channels & pages
    • Develop the content strategy 
    • Handle negotiation and relationship with influencers
    • Develop spready content
    • Diversify products and brand presence
    • Mushroom knowhow around the brand
    • Push products sales
  • SEO

    • Onsite and offsite optimization
    • Landing page quality audit and fix
    • Drive organic traffic to your website
    • Drive traffic that lasts more
    • Position your brand among competitors over search engines
    • Display rich results on search engines

    Google Merchant Center

    • Showcase your products directly on search engines
    • List to sell with optimized ad budgets
    • Shorten the searchers experience

    Programmatic Ads

    • Create awareness
    • Meet KPIs, conversion, leads and even sales 




    • Products Catalogue management
    • Community Management
    • On Sale / Further Reductions
    • Customer Support Channels management
    • Build Email lists
    • Live Chat Management
    • Blogging
  • Services

    • Demographics analysis
    • Geographical distribution
    • Top conversation Drivers
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Influencer and media list


    • Competitors Analysis
    • Benchmarking
    • Identity influencers
    • Monitor digital conversations about your brand and products
    • Enhance Business Development, Product Quality, Sales and Customer Support by Tracking and Analyzing conversations
    • Improve campaigns Strategy



    • Shop setup
    • 3rd party integration (Payment Gateways, Shipment Gateways, etc)
    • Recommendation Bots
    • 3rd Party Stores Integration
    • Integrate with Analytics
    • Audit for Security, Performance, Efficiency, Loyalty, Automation and more
    • Loyalty and Retention
    • Maintain Compelling Content for social use at all times
    • Maintain Products’ content in Copy, Visual and 360 Videos
    • Create products Titles and Captions
    • Localize Content
    • Photoshoot / Video shoot
    • Post-production, Image retouching, and 360 Videos editing
    • 2D & 3D Modeling
    • Copywriting
    • Access and analyze figures
    • Communicate Proactively
    • Identify weak and strong touchpoints
    • Find new stories to tell
    • Optimize Customer Experience
    • Mitigate Risk & Fraud
    • Stay in the loop your brand’s equity
    • Stay up to date with Sales Activities
    • Get to know why are users dropping their carts, on which pages, and receive suggestions on fixing these from the experts behind
    • Analyze your audience’s behavior
    • Analyze your website’s weak points
    • Analyze your stores’ presence
    • Benchmark your presence with competitors
    • Social Channels report: detailed activity, suggestions, enhancements and more
    • Search Engine Report, traffic analysis, and more
    • Sales Report
    • Stores Report, analysis and more 

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